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TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Introduction Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Failure

What constitutes potentially hazardous under-inflation? When the tire pressure monitoring system identifies one or more tires with a loss of 25 percent or more below the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended specification, this tire can no longer operate safely; a warning light will illuminate to alert the driver to this dangerous condition.

There are approximately 400 million TPMS Sensors on the road and every TPMS sensor will eventually fail due to a dead battery. The battery life in a TPMS sensor is approximately 3-5 years and is not serviceable. Currently there are over 150 million sensors on the road with batteries over 3 years old and that number is growing.

Standard provides a comprehensive line of TPMS sensors, TPMS kits and accessories to meet the growing sales and service opportunities.

What Causes a TPMS Sensor to Fail?

Sensors fail primarily due to battery failure or improper service procedures. However, most service technicians know how to install and check and service a vehicle’s TPMS system effectively.

  • Sensor batteries can become discharged and fail – the internal lithium battery is not serviceable, and it has a life expectancy of approximately 5-7 years or 80K-100K miles…all TPMS sensors have a 100% replacement rate
  • Installing the incorrect valve core will cause failure – TPMS sensors require a special nickel-plated valve core instead of the regular copper or brass valve core
  • Normal tire changing procedures can damage a TPMS sensor – this includes flat repairs, new tire replacement, snow tire change or a wheel upgrade
  • Pulling a typical looking rubber valve stem out of the wheel will lead to a broken sensor. TPMS systems now use either metal or rubber valves
  • Over tightening a new sensor valve will result in a broken sensor
  • Typical road hazards - collisions, potholes, curbs - can damage the TPMS system
  • TPMS sensors contain delicate electronics that are subject to failure over time

Technicians, we provide complete marketing support and the right tools to help you gain your TPMS market share.

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