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TPMS About 1 Update (1) 

Standard® and Intermotor® offer a complete TPMS line that includes OE-Matching TPMS Sensors, QWIK-SENSOR Programmable TPMS Sensors, mounting hardware, service kits, and shop tools. Here are the key takeaways from our program: 

  • OE-Matching Direct-Fit TPMS Sensors provide more than 98% coverage and come programmed from the factory, so they're ready to install out of the box.

  • QWIK-SENSOR Multi-Coverage Programmable TPMS Sensors provide 94% coverage for all Domestic, European and Asian applications. Each sensor is available in two valve stem configurations, metal or rubber, to match the proper application. 

  • Both OE-Matching and QWIK-SENSOR TPMS Sensors work with all major TPMS tools and can be OE-relearned or ID-cloned—technician’s choice.

A Closer Look at Standard® TPMS Sensors

Designed to operate within tighter radio frequency (RF), eliminating most external interference for more accurate monitoring of tires

Our radio frequency (RF) and sensor patents provide advanced system performance

Lithium battery ensures maximum battery life and sensor performance

Pre-programmed at factory for easy installation right out of the box

Comes fully assembled from factory, ready to install after programming with no valve changes required

Available in rubber or metal valve stem configurations to match proper application

Works with all major TPMS tools

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     Standard OE-Matching
      TPMS sensors
programmed from the factory

  OE Relearn Procedure

     Once installed, follow the
OE-relearn procedure using any
 major TPMS programming tool

   Standard® OE-Matching
     TPMS sensors can be
installed right out of the box

      Standard OE-Matching
     Direct-Fit TPMS Sensors

 98% Coverage and Ready-to-Install
    with No Programming Required

 sensors before installation using a
compatible TPMS programming tool

Programming Procedure

Once programmed, the QWIK-SENSOR
  sensor containing the exact matching
      OE protocol, 
can be installed.

  OE Relearn Procedure

     Once installed, follow the
procedure using any
TPMS programming tool

In addition to the OE-relearn process, both Standard® OE-Matching and
   QWIK-SENSOR TPMS sensors can be ID-cloned, technicians choice

        QWIK-SENSOR Multi-Coverage
          Programmable TPMS Sensors

 94% Coverage and Works with all Major TPMS Tools

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Testing and Product Validation

Environmental testing using SAEJ2657 certification standards

  • On-vehicle live test for 168+ hours
  • Operational temperature test
  • Thermal shock test
  • Extreme temperature test
  • Humidity test
  • Frost test
  • Proof pressure test
  • Rapid deflation test
  • Contamination test
  • Salt fog test
  • Drop Test
  • Vehicle speed test (centrifugal force)
  • Mechanical vibration test