Standard® Programs

We put a great emphasis on building and supporting our brands and key categories. Our goal is to help our customers by maximizing brand reach, identification, and awareness through both traditional and non-traditional platforms. Our strategic communications campaigns include national print and digital advertising, an extensive press release program, and a strong presence in the social space.

“We put great emphasis on building and supporting our brands.”

OE-Matching TPMS Sensors

We're not saying you should use our TPMS sensors to replace guitar pegs, foosball men, grill knobs, and knees. But when your OE TPMS sensors fail, there’s only one replacement brand you need to know: Standard. With over 98% coverage and OE-matching, direct-fit TPMS sensors that can be OE-relearned or ID-cloned, Standard is the perfect TPMS solution for you and your customers. To learn more click here.

100% NEW MAF Sensors

To ensure accurate airflow, precise performance, and longer service life, Standard and Intermotoroffer a line of 100% NEW, never remanufactured, MAF Sensors. All SMP-manufactured MAF Sensors are engineered and built in our vertically integrated TS16949-certified facility in Orlando, FL. SMP-manufactured sensors are designed with improvements such as thicker walls, upgraded components, and a custom-designed platinum RTD sensor. The result is a line of 100% NEW MAF Sensors that provide highly accurate readings and precise airflow output under all operating conditions. To learn more, click here

New, Expanded Diesel Program

To account for the burgeoning diesel market, Standard has fully invested in diesel. Today, Standard Diesel offers hundreds of parts in dozens of unique diesel engine management categories, and we’re a basic manufacturer in most of them. Looking ahead, Standard Diesel is determined to deliver the finest quality diesel products, which is evident from our expansive diesel offering and revamped remanufacturing processes. To learn more, click here.

Intermotor: The Import Leader By Design
"Designed to stand out from the crowd."

The Intermotor® brand is known for engineering, manufacturing, and distributing a full line of genuine import parts – parts that areunrivalled for quality, original look, fit, form and function. With manufacturing locations around the world, we are truly a global leader in import parts. We achieve excellence by focusing on the extra details that elevate our products above the rest and ensure complete satisfaction for technicians and motorists alike.

Our new program focuses on one Intermotor® part from each of 5 key categories, highlighting the design features that take it from good to great. Because when it comes to quality import parts, the details make all the difference.