TPMS Service Kits

TPMS Service Tools

Standard® offers the right tools to program and service today’s Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).

Live Sensor Technology enables the Standard® team to update software as needed. Updates can be rolled out the same day, in as little as a few hours.

In addition to QWIK-SENSORs and our OE-Match Sensor line, Standard® also provides technicians with all necessary TPMS service items – individual, application-specific service kits plus bulk packs of valve stems, cores and more.

TPMS Sensor Service Kit Assortment (TPM6201SK) includes all components to service TPMS sensor.

(Image: Standard TPM6201SK)

Don't Forget the Service Kit

Every time a tire is removed from the wheel you should replace TPMS service parts such as the valve stems, seals, washers, nuts, valve cores, and caps. Standard offers an array of such parts to complement your TPMS repairs.

  • servicekit_1png

    TPMS Sensor

  • servicekit_2png


  • servicekit_3png

    Seal Washer

  • servicekit_4png

    Valve Nut

  • servicekit_5png

    Valve Core

  • servicekit_6png

    Valve Cap