Blue Streak Knock Sensor Kits

Blue Streak® Knock Sensor Kits are a professional, time-saving repair solution that includes everything a technician needs to complete the repair the first time; two Knock Sensors and a high-quality harness.

Features & Benefits:

  • This professional, time saving repair solution includes everything needed to get the repair done right the first time; 2 Sensors, and a high-quality harness
  • Our knock sensors are designed to respond to knock frequencies up to 1000 Hz accommodating shifts in engine knock frequency making it a more flexible sensor responding to correct engine knock over a broad range of vehicle conditions
  • The connector body is double sealed, with the o-ring seal to provide a hermetic seal for the internal components while a foam seal in the connector area provides a first line of protection, still allowing the housing to flex and achieve the optimal sensor
  • As a global manufacturer, we maintain complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process
  • Our products are extensively tested in the lab and on vehicles to make ensure long term reliability in all operating conditions
  • Made in USA
  • Durability tested to also be usable in marine applications
  • Specifically designed for GM vehicles