TPMSTG Tire Tread Depth Gauge

Tire Tread Depth Gauge (TPMSTG) made by Standard Motor Products

(Image: Standard TPMSTG)

  • Standard's professional-grade Tire Tread Depth Gauge allows you to quickly detect worn tires, tire damage and even poor alignment, resulting in additional service and tire sales opportunities

  • Connects to the powerful T57000 diagnostic tool kit, which lets you perform a complete tire and TPMS sensor check during routine maintenance

  • Can display results on the T57000 tool screen or transfer results to a PC to share with customers

  • Green, yellow and red color coding effectively illustrates wear against safety thresholds, which helps promote customer service and tire sales

Measuring Tire Tread Depth

Standard's Master Technician demonstrates how to measure tire tread depth with the T56000 TPMS Tool.