What do VVT Solenoids and Sprockets do?

The VVT Solenoid meters the oil flow to control the actuation of the VVT Sprocket. The VVT Sprocket mechanically shifts the position of the camshaft. The actuated position is varied based on the PCM commands to advance or retard the engine’s valve timing

Where are the VVT Solenoids and Sprockets located?

The VVT Solenoids are generally located on and/or around the cylinder head block. The VVT Sprockets are located on the camshaft(s).

Will a malfunctioning VVT Solenoid or Sprocket affect the vehicle operation and/or cause MIL light to stay on?

Yes. They both can affect the vehicle operating condition and cause the MIL light to come on. They both can cause multiple codes to set.

What are common causes of VVT failure?

  • Lack of regular scheduled engine oil and filter service
  • Incorrect engine oil added to the crankcase
  • Clogged internal OCV (oil control valve) filter

How do you determine if the VVT Solenoid and/or Sprocket is malfunctioning?

  • MIL on
  • Rough idle
  • Poor performance
  • Stalling/cutting out
  • Engine noise

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