Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valves

PCV valves reroute positive pressure produced by the crankcase back into the engine’s combustion chambers via the intake manifold. The PCV valve will open to allow air out of the crankcase and close to block pressure from returning back into it.

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  • v391-s1

    Retains OE heated operation to prevent valve freezing in cold temperatures

  • v391-s2

    OE-matched O-ring ensures precise fit and prevents crankcase leaks

  • v391-s3

    Uses factory quick-disconnect fitting

Multiair PCV Valve Replacement - Chrysler 2.4L

Watch for helpful tips on replacing the Multiair PCV Valve on a Chrysler vehicle with a 2.4L engine.

Level of difficulty: Beginner
Approximate time: 1/2 Hour
Tools needed: 15/16" socket, ratchet, 10mm socket, flat blade screwdriver
Vehicle used: 2015 Chrysler 200