TPMS Testing

Accelerated Life Test

Accelerated Life Test

During normal usage, TPMS sensors are only used for a few hours per day. To make sure our TPMS sensor batteries last, Standard® subjects them to an Accelerated Life Test.

  • First, we load the TPMS sensors in the testing chamber
  • Next, we run the test for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The result is a TPMS sensor battery that lasts, which keeps this important safety feature running.

Environmental Tests

In addition to our accelerated life test, Standard® subjects our TPMS sensors to an array of environmental tests using SAEJ2657 certification standards, including:

  • On-vehicle live test for 168+ hours
  • Operational temperature test
  • Thermal shock test
  • Extreme temperature test
  • Humidity test
  • Frost test
  • Proof pressure test
  • Rapid deflation test
  • Contamination test
  • Salt fog test
  • Drop Test
  • Vehicle speed test (centrifugal force)
  • Mechanical vibration test