• The most comprehensive VVT line in the aftermarket with 550+ SKUs
  • Many of our VVTs include value-adds such as gaskets for a trouble-free install
  • Our extreme testing regimen ensures precise performance and longevity

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VVT Solenoid and Service Kits

VVT Solenoid Kits

Blue Streak® VVT Solenoids feature improvements over the original, including hard anodized steel componentry, welded filters and welded screen reinforcement. It’s this attention to detail that ensures precision operation, correct on-vehicle performance and a longer service life.

Blue Streak® VVT Solenoid Kits include two new premium Solenoids with quality O-rings and gaskets to help prevent oil leaks.

VVT Solenoid and Service Kits

VVT Service Kits

Blue Streak® has put together the highest quality Complete VVT Service Kit for high-OE-failure replacement opportunities. We also offer the highest quality, best-performing VVT Solenoid Kits in the industry.

Variable Valve Timing Solenoid (VVT420K) from Blue Streak

Blue Streak® VVT420K - Everything needed for a complete job – solenoids, sprockets, timing chain, guide, tensioner, arm, seals, crankshaft wheel, and gaskets. 

  1. VVT Sprocket (VVT500)  6. Drive Gear Sprocket
  2. VVT Solenoids (VVT101)  7. Crankshaft Position Wheel
  3. Timing Chain Tensioner  8. Crankshaft Seal
  4. Timing Chains  9. Gaskets
  5. Timing Chain Guide and Tensioner Arm  

For a complete job done right

The failure of VVT components can lead to rough idle, stalling, poor performance, damage and failure of other parts in the system. If one VVT solenoid or sprocket fails, it’s likely the others are nearing the end of their service life, too. Not only do we recommend replacing both solenoids and sprockets at the same time, we recommend replacing all related timing chain components in the VVT system with high-quality Blue Streak® VVT components for a complete job and to reduce comebacks.

View Just The Facts - Ford 5.4L Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Kit flyer

Standard® delivers premium quality VVT solenoids and sprockets with improvements over the original.


As Blue Streak® joins the Standard® VVT lineup with design improvements over the OE, we deliver a line of high-quality, long-lasting VVT components that are designed and manufactured for superior performance under all operating conditions.

Premium Quality, 100% Tested

Premium-quality VVT components are manufactured at SMP Poland, our most advanced design, engineering and manufacturing facility. With 60+ engineers on-site, we introduce more than 110 new products each year.

SMP-manufactured VVT solenoids and sprockets undergo extensive measurement and life testing plus a full spectrum of environmental analysis that includes thermal shock, thermal cycling, salt spray, vibration, storage tests and more.

This unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every VVT component measures up to real-world conditions.

Premium Quality, 100% Tested

Blue Streak® VVT sprocket integrated paddle design improves the original.

Our all-metal, integrated machined design eliminates paddle inserts while providing a larger contact area. This means improved overall wear as well as proper lubrication and gap. Less friction means our sprocket responds fast at lower pressure, delivering optimal performance.

Blue Streak Sprocket compared to original equipment and competitor

View our Blue Streak VVT Sprocket Comparison Analysis Flyer

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-1png

    Better performance in timing-phase response, oil loss and working life of locking pin and overall component

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-2png

    Better match and correct tolerance

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-3png

    No friction between sprocket and rotor

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-4png

    New re-designed coil spring

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-5png

    OE-style installation bolts included with sprocket for ease of installation

Blue Streak® VVT solenoid features an improved screen stamp plus welded reinforcement.


Blue Streak® Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid compared to OE and competitor
  • vvt-solenoid-slide-1png

    High-quality precision spring

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-2png

    Stainless-steel check valve

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-3png

    Copper winding

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-4png

    Overmolding provides additional protection

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-5png

    High-temp plastic

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-6png

    Coated terminals

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-7png

    OE-match harness connector

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-8png

    Anti-rust coating

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-9png

    Screen filters reinforced via welding process

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-10png

    OE-match valve housing

Professional VVT Installation Videos

For more than 100 years, when the OE failed, technicians have trusted Standard® and Blue Streak® to deliver a part that’s equal to or better than the original it’s replacing.