Intermotor Premium Import Wire

Genuine Intermotor® Import Ignition Wire Sets feature original equipment fit, form and function plus! Every Intermotor® set is designed, built and tested to meet or exceed the tough international IATF 16949 quality standards. That’s why technicians appreciate Intermotor® factory-installed clips, loom and trays* for a flawless installation, while motorists enjoy exceptional power and long service life for the ultimate in import performance.

* Factory installed upgrades are specific to vehicle make and model.


Matching Boots

Intermotor® wire sets feature OE-style import spark plug and distributor boots that look, fit and perform like the original components. Engineered for extra-durability, long service life and a smooth installation, Intermotor® premium import boots provide the right fit and a tight weatherproof seal.


Protection and Power

Wire Core & Jacket

Power can’t flow if the wire jacket is compromised. That’s why Intermotor® developed a patented high-gloss clear coat layer that’s permanently bonded to our high-temp silicone jacket. This combination provides powerful protection from the engine heat and the potential damage found in today’s import engines.

Intermotor® wire conductors feature precision-matched resistance values to ensure maximum voltage delivery and spark duration while meeting all noise suppression requirements that shield sensitive electronic computers and sensors from interference. The result is clean energy flow for ultimate performance and import power.

Protection and Power


Clips, Trays, Loom & Numbered Leads

We’ve gone to great lengths to build an import wire set that guards against damage and creates a clear path for power.

Intermotor® factory-installed separator clips, anchors, loom channels and trays* keep wires sorted properly and safely to protect against arcing, cross-fire, electromagnetic interference and damage. Convoluted loom and spiral wrap* protects against abrasion that can cause premature wire failure.

We’ve even individually numbered* each wire lead by cylinder to ensure Intermotor® import sets provide a flawless installation with genuine import performance.


The Finishing Touches

Check out the finishing touches that make Intermotor® Import Wire the best in class.

* Factory installed upgrades are specific to vehicle make and model

  • Special Toyota mounting clip with ring insert. Difficult to get almost anywhere even at the dealer.

  • Special Honda mounting bracket that slides into OE frame and engine mounted brackets.

  • Maintains the strictest adherence to OE specs and conductors – matching ohms of resistance per foot.

  • Numbered cylinder leads are a big deal, particularly for real import specialists. Most wire sets installed on new cars are numbered.

  • OE-matching factory hard loom pre-installed on wire sets. Hard loom is required on some applications to properly complete installation.

  • Various OE hangers, brackets and lead separators used on many import applications. Where appropriate, these are pre-installed.

  • OE-matched spark plug boots and distributor boots. Intermotor® boots provide correct fit, are resistant to fuel and oil contamination and offer a tight moisture proof seal.

  • When required, clocking distributor terminals rotate to proper clock position. This eliminates crossed-wire issues and provides a clean installation.

  • Intermotor® Ignition Wire Sets come out of the box with OE or better terminals. Intermotor® terminals use original low-corrosion stainless steel or low-corrosion brass.

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

It’s what's on the outside that gives Intermotor® wire its beauty, but it’s what’s inside that gives Intermotor® its import firepower.

  • Kevlar Foundation provides added structural strength

  • OE exact match Conductive Core provides clean energy flow and ultimate power and performance

  • Protective Latex Conductor protects conductor against breakage or segmenting

  • Inner Silicone Dielectric Insulation provides superior protection for maximum flow and power

  • High-Temp Braid Tape bonds jacket to insulation improving tensile strength

  • Patented High-Gloss Clear Coat permanently bonded to jacket to provide abrasion resistance and greater protection against severe temperatures

  • High-Temp Silicone Jacket provides maximum thermal protection