Active Grille Shutters

Active Grille Shutters (AGS) offer the latest technology to improve fuel economy. Also known as Radiator Shutter Assemblies, AGS regulate frontal airflow in the vehicle to reduce aerodynamic drag. Open shutters allow air to flow through the radiator and into the engine compartment to promote cooling.

When cooling air is not needed, the shutters close, rerouting air around the vehicle to reduce aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption. When fully closed, the reduction in drag can reduce CO2 emissions by close to 2%.

The Active Grille Shutter system keeps the vanes closed as long as possible during a cold start. As a result, the engine reaches its most efficient operating temperature more quickly, reducing warm-up time.

Active Grille Shutters are the first point of contact in a front-end collision and are damaged easily. Failure can also be mechanical or the result of calibration errors. An obstruction can cause the shutters to bind together, blowing the grille shutter system's dedicated fuse.

Standard Active Grille Shutters

Active Grill Shutters from Standard Motor Parts for truck

(Image: Standard AGS1004)

Standard® Active Grille Shutters are direct-fit parts specifically engineered for the application they are replacing. Our AGS are built from high-grade industrial plastic to resist corrosion and withstand extreme engine temperatures. All Standard® AGS undergo 100% end-of-line testing.