About Standard Sensors


The expansive Standard® sensor line is your go-to source for the form, fit and function demanded by today’s technicians. All state-of-the-art sensors are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications and to deliver exceptional performance and extended service life.

Standard offers a broad array of sensor coverage including: Air Charge/Manifold Temperature, Accelerator Pedal, Barometric Pressure, Camshaft, Coolant Temperature, Crankshaft, Fuel Vent, Knock, Manifold Absolute Pressure, Mass Air Flow, Throttle Position, Vehicle Speed, Yaw Rate, Ride Height, Taillight, Pedal Stroke, Headlamp Leveling, Air Quality,Battery Current, Rain, Sun Load, Door Pinch, Brake Fluid, Fuel Level and many more.

100% New Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensors

 Mass Air Flow Sensors (a.k.a. MAF Sensors) are precision components that measure the amount of airflow entering the intake manifold and must communicate clearly with the Engine Control Module (ECM). Our 100% NEW, never remanufactured MAF sensors offer a higher quality alternative to remanufactured Mass Air Flow Sensors.

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Camshaft Sensor

Typically located in the engine’s cylinder head, camshaft sensors determine which cylinder is firing in order to establish injector synchronization and coil firing sequence in DIS systems. The sensors can fail due to extreme temperature, contamination, and wear and tear.

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Crankshaft Sensor

Crank sensors can fail due to excessive heat, faulty wiring harnesses, and sensor movement. To ensure durability under extreme conditions, we subject each of our crank sensors to extensive end-of-line testing, including a 48- to 64-hour-long vibration test across three different planes. 

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