Fuel Injectors

The fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve. The fuel pump supplies it with pressurized fuel. The fuel injector, when energized, atomizes the fuel into a fine mist that can burn easily in the vehicle’s engine.

Standard® designs and manufactures an array of injector styles with matching flow rates, spray patterns and body styles, including disc and pintle configurations.

  • 1_discpintle_fjpng

    High-quality O-rings

  • 2_discpintle_fjpng

    Fuel inlet filters

  • 3_discpintle_fjpng

    Brass calibration slides

  • 4_discpintle_fjpng

    High-quality brass windings

  • 5_discpintle_fjpng

    High precision-rated stainless steel springs

  • 6_discpintle_fjpng

    Precision-lapped disc valve

  • 7_discpintle_fjpng

    Disc valve seat insert

  • 8_discpintle_fjpng

    Precision-ground pintle assembly

  • 9_discpintle_fjpng

    Spray pattern insert to match OE pattern

  • 10_discpintle_fjpng

    OE-matching vapor cap