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The Standard® digital resource library acts as your go-to location for all of our digital resources.  In it you will find our current and past flyers, brochures, counterparts, and more.

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2021 Marketing Brochure ST11494
Blue Streak by Standard Brochure BS11338JAN19
Blue Streak Product Spotlight BS11230OCT18
Blue Streak Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoids and Sprockets BS11204
Diesel Parts Identification for Warranty Purposes ST11448
Engine Management Portfolio ST10731MAR16
Follow Intermotor on Social Media IM11226
Follow Standard on Social Media ST11226
Follow TechSmart on Social Media TS11226
Ignite Your Coil Sales Promo Flyer ST11437_APR20
Ignition Coil Brochure ST11411
Ignition Lock Cylinder Recoding Mat ST10740
Illustrated Connector Guide ST11211
Intermotor Brochure IM10917
Intermotor Premium Import Ignition Wire Brochure IM10405
Just the Facts: 'Thumbs Up' TPMS Cradle ST10235THMB
Just the Facts: Accelerator Pedal Sensors ST10235APS-FEB14
Just the Facts: Active Grille Shutter ST10235AGS-MAR19
Just the Facts: Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) ST10235ADAS
Just the Facts: Air Charge / Manifold Temperature Sensors ST10235AX-FEB14
Just the Facts: Airbag Clock Springs ST10235CLK-FEB14
Just the Facts: Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) Sensors ST10235ALS-FEB14
Just the Facts: Anti-lock Brake (ABS) Sensors Testing ST10235ABT-FEB14
Just the Facts: Barometric Pressure (BARO) Sensors ST10235BAP-FEB14
Just the Facts: Blower Motor Resistor ST10235BMR
Just the Facts: Blue Streak Blower Motor Resistor Kits BS10235BMRK
Just the Facts: Blue Streak Heavier-Duty Ignition Coils BS10235IGC
Just the Facts: Blue Streak Ignition Coil Testing BS10235-ICT
Just the Facts: Blue Streak VVT Sprocket Comparison Analysis  BS10235VVTSA
Just the Facts: Brake Pad Wear Sensors ST10235PWS-FEB14
Just the Facts: Camshaft Sensor Kits BS10235NCSK
Just the Facts: Camshaft Synchronizer Assemblies ST10235CSA-FEB14
Just the Facts: Camshaft/Crankshaft Position Sensors ST10235PC-FEB14
Just the Facts: Canister Purge Solenoid (CP612) ST10235-CPS
Just the Facts: Coil-on-Plugs (COP) ST10235UF-FEB14
Just the Facts: Coolant Temperature Sensors ST10235TX-FEB14
Just the Facts: COP Boot and Pigtail Socket Assortments ST10235COP-FEB14
Just the Facts: Daytime Running Light Kits ST10235DRL-FEB14
Just the Facts: Diesel Common Rail Injectors (CRI) ST10235D-CRI
Just the Facts: Diesel EGR Cooler Kit ST10235DEGR
Just the Facts: Diesel Fuel Injection Control Module ST10235-DFCM-MAY17
Just the Facts: Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps ST10235D-FIP-FEB19
Just the Facts: Diesel Fuel Injectors (100% NEW) ST10235DNX-NOV16
Just the Facts: Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump ST10235D-FTP-JAN19
Just the Facts: Diesel High Pressure Oil Pumps ST10235HDPOP
Just the Facts: Diesel Hydraulic Electric Unit Injectors (HEUI) ST10235D-HUE
Just the Facts: Diesel Indirect Fuel Injectors ST10235D-IDFJ
Just the Facts: Diesel Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensors ST10235D-NOX-MAR20
Just the Facts: Diesel Turbochargers ST10235D-TRB
Just the Facts: DIS Control Modules ST10235DIS-FEB14
Just the Facts: Door Lock Actuators ST10235IDLA-DLA
Just the Facts: Dont Get POed with PO401 Codes ST10235PO4-FEB14
Just the Facts: EGR Position and EGR Pressure Sensors ST10235VP-FEB14
Just the Facts: EGR Valves ST10235EGR-FEB14
Just the Facts: EVAP System Integrity Module (ESIM) ST10235ESIM
Just the Facts: Ford 5.4L Variable Valve Timing Kit BS10235VVTK
Just the Facts: Fuel and Water Separator Sensor ST10235FWS-FEB14
Just the Facts: Fuel Injector ST10235FJ-FEB14
Just the Facts: Fusible Link / Circuit Breaker ST10235-FBCB
Just the Facts: G-Series Injector ST10235GINJ-FEB19
Just the Facts: Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) ST10235GDI-JAN21
Just the Facts: GM "T" Shaped Battery Cable Bolt ST10235BCB
Just the Facts: High Pressure Oil Pumps ST10235D-HPP
Just The Facts: Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve ST10235IAC
Just the Facts: Injection Pump Module (IPM1) ST10235IPM-FEB14
Just the Facts: Integrated Door Lock Actuators ST10235IDLA
Just the Facts: Knock Sensors ST10235KS-FEB14
Just the Facts: Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors ST10235MF-JUL16
Just the Facts: Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensors ST10235AS-FEB14
Just the Facts: Multi-port Fuel Injectors ST10235MPFI-FEB19
Just the Facts: Pintle/Disc Fuel Injectors ST10235PD
Just the Facts: QWIK-SENSOR® Multi-Frequency Single Sensor (QS106) ST10235QWK-APR21
Just the Facts: Replace Coils in Sets ST10235DJRCOP
Just the Facts: Steering Angle Sensors ST10235SAS
Just the Facts: Stoplight Switches ST10235SS
Just the Facts: T47000 TPMS Service Tool Kit ST10235Q47
Just the Facts: Throttle Position Sensors ST10235TH-FEB14
Just the Facts: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensors ST10235TPM-MAR13
Just the Facts: TPMS Identification Cloning Use ST10235IDC-FEB14
Just the Facts: TPMS Sensor ID Number Locator ST10235IDL-MAY14
Just the Facts: TPMS Service and Repair ST10235TSR-FEB14
Just the Facts: Two or Four? That is the Question! ST10235RU-FEB14
Just the Facts: Variable Valve Timing (VVT) ST10235VVT
Just the Facts: Vehicle Speed Sensors ST10235SC-FEB14
Just the Facts: Vehicle Warning Lights ST10235VWL-MAR13
Just the Facts: Water Intrusion and Premature Coil Failure (UF303) ST10235WAT-FEB14
Just the Facts: YAW Rate Sensors ST10235YAW-FEB14
Lock Cylinder Replacement/Recoding ST10738
OE-Match TPMS Bay Banner ST11192
OE-Match TPMS Counter Card ST11193
OE-Match TPMS Counter Mat ST11181
OE-Match TPMS Poster ST11180
Product Spotlight: Hyundai/Kia IN11273
Product Spotlight: Turbocharger Boost Solenoids ST11454APR20
Product Spotlight: Sensors, Valves, Actuators, ETBs ST11454-OCT20
QWIK-SENSOR Bulk Special Promotion ST11208_OCT18
QWIK-SENSOR Reference Guide QW10929
Sensors: High Technology (counter mat) ST11196
SMP - Managing Your Parts Business GF10136TR
SMP Parts App 2.0 GF11203
Standard Dealer Cabinets ST8169-2
Standard Diesel Brochure ST11236
Standard Diesel Parts Guide ST11260
Standard Ignition Coils: Coil-on-Plug (COP) Breakdown ST11420
Standard Installer Cabinets ST11416
Standard Interactive Buyer's Guide ST11237
Standard MAF Sensor Brochure ST11083JAN19
Standard New, No-Core Turbocharger Program ST11493
Standard Pro Training Magazine ST11256
Standard PTS On-Demand Flyer ST10898JUL20
Standard TPMS Service Tool Kit ST10817MAR15
Standard Turbocharger Drop Ship Program ST11488AUG21
Standard VVT Brochure ST11204
The Choice is Yours ST10237
Think TechSmart First: DISA Valve Repair Kits TS10235DVR
Think TechSmart First: Distributor Assemblies TS10235DA
Think TechSmart First: EGR Pressure Feedback Hose Kit TS10235EPH
Think TechSmart First: EGR Transducers TS10235EGT-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Electronic Throttle Bodies TS10235ETB-JAN15
Think TechSmart First: Engine Coolant Air Bleeder Valve TS10235ABV
Think TechSmart First: European Solutions TS10235TBA-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) TS10235FCM
Think TechSmart First: HID Headlight Ballast TS11051
Think TechSmart First: High-Pressure Fuel Pump Cam Follower TS10235FPC
Think TechSmart First: High-Temp Headlight Harnesses TS10235HHH-MAR16
Think TechSmart First: HVAC Air Door Actuators with Chamfered Pins TS10235BDP-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: HVAC Blend Door Motor Operation TS10235BDM-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Ignition Coil Wiring Harness Repair Kit TS10235CWH
Think TechSmart First: Keyless Entry Transmitters TS10235KEY
Think TechSmart First: PMD Relocation Kit TS10235PMDMAY17
Think TechSmart First: Power Distribution Center TS10235PDC-APR15
Think TechSmart First: Steering Column Shift Tubes & Bushings TS10235CST-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: T56000 TPMS Service Tool Kit TS10235TPMT
Think TechSmart First: Tail Light Circuit Boards / Third Brake Light Assemblies TS10235TLC-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Thermo Housing Assembly / Expansion Tank Service Kit TS10235THA-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Turbocharger Oil Drain Tube TS10235TOT-MAR13
TPM9012 TPMS Tool Kit Promotion ST11251
TPMS Brochure ST11332
TPMS Inspection Sheet ST11195
TPMS Program Tree ST11088
What's in Your Box: ABS Speed Sensors ST11519
What's in Your Box: Blower Motor Resistors ST11521
What's in Your Box: Cam/Crank Sensors ST11516
What's in Your Box: EVAP Components ST11525
What's in Your Box: Ignition Coils ST11513
What's in Your Box: Oil Pressure Sensors ST11522
What's in Your Box: VVT Sprockets & Solenoids ST11528
Vehicle Warning Light Poster ST10829