Coil-on-Plug Boots

Standard Coil-on-Plug Boots

Coil-on-Plug boot and spring for Standard Motor Products

Coil-on-Plug systems are designed to distribute the ignition spark more efficiently to the fuel in the combustion chamber. Coil-on-Plug delivers between 30 and 60 thousand volts directly to the spark plug thousands of times per minute. The connection between coil and spark plug is made through the Coil-on-Plug boot.

Standard® Coil-on-Plug Boots are made up of a flexible, heat-resistant outer cover over a conductive spring that delivers the spark from coil to spark plug.

Engine environment, heat, water contamination, fuel and lubricant contamination and abrasion damage can all shorten the life of Coil-on-Plug Boots significantly. Vehicles may require coil-on-plug boot replacement to keep the engine running efficiently.

Standard® Coil-on-Plug Boots are manufactured from the best materials for top performance and endurance. So next time you replace the engine’s spark plugs, replace the Coil-on-Plug boots with Standard®.

Honda 3.5 Liter Coil-on-Plug Boot Replacement