Standard Motor Products Continues Growth of VVT Program

Standard Motor Products Continues Growth of VVT Program

SMP continues to add to its Variable Valve Timing (VVT) program, which already includes more than 550 part numbers for import and domestic vehicles. When the OE fails, technicians trust Standard® and Blue Streak® to deliver precision components that integrate with complex VVT systems.

To improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, automakers have rapidly implemented Variable Valve Timing technology. In 2005, less than half of all new vehicles utilized VVT technology. By 2010, 84% of new vehicles were equipped with Variable Valve Timing. This means that VVT-equipped vehicles are aging and will represent more service opportunities. Standard’s VVT program helps technicians correctly repair and maintain these complex systems. The Standard® VVT Program features Sprockets, Solenoids, Oil Control Valves, and Blue Streak® VVT Service Kits, as well as related parts like VVT Spool Filters, Chain Tensioner Kits, Adjuster Magnets and more.

Recently released Standard® VVT Sprockets are now available for another 8.8 million vehicles. This new coverage includes popular applications like the 2020-15 Nissan Pathfinder, 2021-20 Chevrolet Silverado, 2021 Ford F-150, and 2020-15 Hyundai Tucson. New Standard® VVT Solenoids are also available for many Honda, Acura, Porsche, and Land Rover vehicles. This coverage includes the 2015-13 Acura RDX, 2016-08 Honda Odyssey, and 2020-18 Land Rover Evoque. Additionally, to further round out the program, 11 Oil Control Valves have recently been released, introducing new coverage for over 5 million Toyota vehicles including the 2022-18 Camry and 2021-16 Tacoma.

John Herc, Vice President of Vehicle Control Marketing, SMP®, stated, “Our VVT Program is the most comprehensive in the aftermarket, providing our partners with the most popular components and a complete line for full coverage. Standard’s advanced engineering and manufacturing delivers premium-quality VVT components that technicians can trust to perform and last.”

Premium-quality Standard® and Blue Streak® VVT components are developed and tested at SMP’s IATF 16949-certified Poland facility, SMP’s most advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing location. SMP engineers evaluate the original part, identify the OE issues, and correct those problems to deliver a better-performing and longer-lasting VVT components. Blue Streak® VVT Solenoids include multiple design improvements like armature groves for improved lubrication along with stainless steel shafts and solid valve bodies for durability.

All Standard® and Blue Streak® VVT components are subjected to extensive testing both in the lab and on vehicles to make sure parts perform in all conditions. Extensive measurement and life testing includes a full spectrum of environmental analysis such as thermal shock, thermal cycling, vibration and more to ensure precise performance and a long service life.

All new Standard® and Blue Streak® VVT components are listed in the catalog found at, and in electronic catalog providers.