SMP Expands ADAS Program Offering

SMP Expands ADAS Program Offering

SMP continues to expand its aftermarket-leading Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) program. ADAS in today’s vehicles is already helping to save lives and prevent injuries. Minimizing human error has been identified as a key factor in reducing the number of vehicle collisions resulting in serious injury and death. Standard® is dedicated to continuously adding new product categories and late-model applications to meet industry demand.

Standard® ADAS components are direct-fit replacements, designed to match the damaged or failed OE units they are replacing. This ensures correct integration with the vehicle’s electronic safety systems. Standard® goes to great lengths in the quality testing and product validation processes to deliver precision performance.

Standard’s ADAS product line includes Park Assist Cameras and Sensors, Cruise Control Detection Sensors, Blind Spot Detection Sensors, Lane Departure System Cameras, and Steering Angle Sensors for a complete line of ADAS components. Standard’s ADAS program features over 550 part numbers and represents over 800 million repair opportunities for gas, EV and hybrid, domestic and import vehicles.

Recently released ADAS components cover an additional 44.5 million vehicles in operation. New Blind Spot Detection Sensors are now available for nearly 5.8 million Ford and Lincoln vehicles including the 2020-19 Ford Ranger, 2021-20 Ford Explorer, and 2021-18 Lincoln Navigator. Many Cruise Control Distance Sensors have also been added for Ford and Lincoln vehicles, including the 2020-18 F-150 and 2020-18 Expedition. In addition, Lane Departure System Cameras have been introduced for the 2018-16 Lincoln MKX and 2021-20 Ford Escape.

Park Assist Cameras represent a substantial portion of the newest ADAS releases. New coverage provides an additional 11.3 million repair opportunities. The most popular applications include the 2019-16 Nissan Rogue, 2018-16 Toyota RAV4, and 2014-12 and 2011-09 Toyota Camry. Additionally, Parking Assist Sensors have been added for over 2 million General Motors vehicles and 2.7 million Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, among others. Finally, over 6 million Nissan, General Motors, and Mitsubishi vehicles will benefit from the introduction of new Steering Angle Sensors.

Commenting on the expansion, John Herc, Vice President Engine Management Marketing, SMP, stated, “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are an integral part of keeping drivers and their families safe. Standard® is committed to consistently introducing and releasing new part numbers to maintain a complete ADAS Program.”

All new Standard® ADAS products are listed in the eCatalog found at, and in electronic catalog providers.