SMP Releases 500 New Parts for Standard and Intermotor

SMP Releases 500 New Parts for Standard and Intermotor

Kicking off the new year, SMP added 500 new part numbers to its Standard and Intermotor lines. The release expands coverage through the 2015 model year and covers more than 166 million additional VIO.

Of the 500 new part numbers, more than 200 are ABS speed sensors, accelerator pedal sensors, and fuel vapor canisters, which expands coverage in the three categories by more than 60 million total VIO. Another highlight is the four Diesel Fuel Injector sets released to coincide with Standard Diesel's 'Do the Job Right' Promotion.

Elsewhere, Standard added more than 140 switches—including power window, neutral safety, combination, and cruise control—to expand coverage by 50 million VIO. Standard continues to focus on engine control coverage, introducing 185 new sensors for 48 million additional VIO. These include the aforementioned ABS speed and accelerator pedal sensors as well as cam/crank, knock, steering angle, and G force sensors. Rounding out the additions is a selection of EGR valves, fuel injector seal kits, ignition coils, and vapor canisters.

Phil Hutchens, Vice President Engine Management Marketing, SMP, commented on the release, stating, "With 500 new parts, we continue to expand our coverage in key high-tech categories while delivering the coverage and products our customers need to meet their market demands."

All new applications are listed in the eCatalogs found at and and in electronic catalog providers.