SMP Teams with Organizations to Train Vo-tech Automotive Instructors

SMP Teams with Organizations to Train Vo-tech Automotive Instructors

Each year, Standard Motor Products trains over 60,000 technicians on the latest technologies, diagnostic strategies, and equipment required to diagnose and repair today’s vehicles.  The goal is to help technicians do their jobs more efficiently and accurately, along with building brand loyalty.

In the past several years the SMP training department has placed a new focus on spreading that message to new technicians entering the field. Today, the department provides training for automotive instructors at various vo-tech programs throughout the country.  For example, SMP’s instructors have presented at events such as the North American Council of Automotive Teachers Conference (NACAT), and Trends in Occupational Studies Conference.

Ryan Kooiman, Director of Training, also presented Diesel Tips and Techniques to 100 instructors at the South East Michigan Auto Teachers Association, held at  Breithaupt Career and Technical Center in Detroit, MI. This year alone SMP instructors have already presented at several events. Phil Fournier, PTS Instructor, recently taught a class on Diagnosing Vehicle Electronic Problems to over 150 instructors at California Automotive Teachers (CAT) at Skyline College in San Bruno, CA.  

"It’s a privilege to be invited to participate at these events," said Kooiman. "These are professional instructors who come to us to learn more about certain topics and what we’re seeing out in the field with professional technicians.  This helps them prepare their students better, and it also helps us build a relationship and be better prepared to service the technicians of tomorrow."

These are just two examples of the effort put in by SMP to partner with the schools that are currently training our current and future customers.