Standard Motor Products Releases 197 New Parts for Standard and Intermotor

Standard Motor Products Releases 197 New Parts for Standard and Intermotor

Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP) announces the addition of 197 new part numbers to its Standard and Intermotor lines. The release expands coverage through the 2015 model year covering more than 60 million additional VIO.

The highlight is the addition of 110 SKUs to the company’s diesel line, including both new product categories and line expansions to existing categories. Key new categories include diesel fuel transfer pumps, diesel fuel injector lines, and diesel fuel injection pump installation kits, while key line expansions include 33 new diesel fuel injectors and 13 new diesel high pressure oil pumps. In total, the diesel additions expand coverage by 20 million VIO.

Other key additions include 35 new turbocharger SKUs for both diesel and gas applications, and several first-to-aftermarket parts, including a transmission control solenoid with more than 3 million VIO.

The company increased switch coverage by an additional 10 million VIO with the introduction of 29 SKUs, including four-wheel-drive selector, power window, ignition, and heated seat switches. Rounding out the release, the company added 15 new integrated door lock actuators, and two TPMS kits to coincide with the QWIK-SENSOR promotion that begins on March 1.

Phil Hutchens, Vice President Engine Management Marketing, SMP, commented on the release, stating, "Our latest new item release demonstrates our continued commitment to diesel and turbochargers. With several new product categories and significant line expansions, we’re excited to supply our customers with the quality and coverage they demand."

All new applications are listed in the eCatalogs found at and and in electronic catalog providers.