The Highlight of Our Latest Parts Release is This New Diesel EGR Cooler Kit

This year, April showers brought us an upgraded Diesel EGR Cooler Kit for Ford 6.0L Power Stroke engines. The upgraded part provides OE-matching cooling efficiency while preventing OE issues of clogging and leaking. The kit is one of 245 new parts that we added to our engine management line, an expansion that spans 40 product categories and expands coverage through the 2016 model year by more than 99 million VIO.

Additional highlights from our latest release include 67 ABS speed sensors, 24 combination switches, 17 new VVT solenoids, 11 fuel vapor canisters, 8 canister purge solenoids, and 6 ignition lock cylinders.

All new applications are listed in this site’s eCatalog and in electronic catalog providers.