Standard's Latest Training Milestone

10,000th YouTube subscriber follows a rich history of automotive training

Standard's Latest Training Milestone

Since launching in 2010, Standard's YouTube channel has accrued more than 13 million minutes of watch time, 7 million views, 20,000 shares, and significant year-over-year subscriber growth. In 2018 alone, the channel added nearly 5,000 subscribers—a 52% increase from the previous year. To understand the channel's success, it's helpful to understand Standard's solid foundation of professional automotive training.  

A Legacy of Training

As SMP enters its 100th year in business, the company has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to providing world-class automotive training. As early as 1939, the company was producing Blue Streak Bulletins to help professional technicians with the repairs of the day. 

Since then, the training footprint has only expanded. Today, at SMP's 14,000-square-foot Training Center in Irving, TX, a team of ASE-certified technicians develops the curriculum for Standard® Pro Training On-Demand, On-Site, and Hands On courses. You can learn more about the comprehensive training program at The training experts also produce the videos for Standard's YouTube channel. 


A Legacy of Training

YouTube Channel Launches

With a rich training history and significant resources already in place, it was a no-brainer to launch the Standard YouTube Channel in the summer of 2010. Using the name 'Technician's Toolbox', Standard published its first videos for vehicle systems such as fuel injection and TPMS. As you can see from the two videos below—which are still two of Standard's most watched videos—the brand employed a no-frills, information-packed aesthetic to appeal directly to professional technicians. 

2010: ECM/PCM Replacement

2013: Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) System

'Installation Spotlight' Takes Off

Starting in 2013, the channel began an impressive stretch of growth that continues to this day. Under the name 'Installation Spotlight', the brand ramped up production to publish hundreds of new videos every year—including videos in Spanish and French. Over time, Standard’s YouTube channel has become an invaluable resource for any professional technician seeking real-word training to stay on top of the latest automotive technologies. For example, popular videos from recent years include installation tips for diesel and VVT systems. 

2014: Ford 6.0 Liter Powerstroke Fuel Injector Installation

2017: VVT Control Solenoid Replacement - Trailblazer 4.2L

Looking Ahead

With the addition of its 10,000th subscriber in late 2018, Standard is more committed than ever to continuing its rich training legacy across all channels, including YouTube. As mobile viewing increases, Standard is continually researching methods to make sure its subscribers are receiving the best content across every device. Recently, Standard has complemented its 'Installation Spotlight' series with an array of product, engineering, and marketing videos, including 'Closer Look' videos that showcase differentiation from the competition and promotional videos that notify subscribers of upcoming opportunities to win exciting prizes. 

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