About Standard® VVT

Why do installers go back to the dealer for VVTs – availability and perceived aftermarket quality. Blue Streak®, Standard® and Intermotor® VVT lines team up to deliver the coverage and quality!


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The Aftermarket's Broadest VVT Coverage

Blue Streak®, Standard® and Intermotor® team up to offer the most comprehensive VVT line in the aftermarket

Many of our VVTs include value-adds such as gaskets for a trouble-free install

Blue Streak® offers design improvements over the original

A Closer Look: Standard Variable Valve Timing Components

Variable valve timing systems are designed to reduce emissions and maximize engine performance and fuel economy. The electro-mechanical system depends on the circulation of engine oil. Lack of oil circulation can cause VVT components to fail prematurely.

With over 525 SKUs and counting, including more than 100 exclusive units, we offer the most comprehensive Variable Valve Timing program in the aftermarket. We're determined to continue broadening our VVT program with increased coverage and expanded manufacturing at our certified facility in Bialystok, Poland.

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Irregular oil change service is one of the leading causes of Variable Valve Timing failure

Variable Valve Timing is an extremely high tech category, which is why premium quality is a must

Standard and Intermotor’s line undergoes extensive design and testing to ensure performance and longevity

Designed and Tested for Real-World Conditions


In addition to providing comprehensive coverage, we are committed to supplying professional technicians with the premium quality that’s critical for this high-tech category. That’s why our VVT solenoids and sprockets undergo an in-depth design process. Our continued commitment to high-quality design and testing standards ensures that each VVT component will endure real-world conditions.

VVT Solenoids

Our VVT solenoids feature hard anodized components to ensure proper performance and long service life.

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VVT Sprockets

Our VVT sprockets meet tight dimensional tolerances to improve internal sealing, minimize oil drain back, and reduce frequency of PCM correction.

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VVT Repair Tips

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) or Variable Cam Timing (VCT) is common on most newer engines. It’s responsible for increased performance and fuel economy on many engines, and for the elimination of many EGR valves.

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Blue Streak® variable valve timing solenoids and sprockets feature design improvements over the OE, delivering a line of high-quality, long-lasting VVT components manufactured for superior performance under real-world conditions.

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