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  • Charging System Operation and Diagnostics

    True July 2020

    Knowing how to diagnose a modern charging system is a fundamental skill required for automotive technicians.  This class will explain the basic operation of the charging system and show case studies from real-world failures.

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  • Rapid Sensor and Circuit Testing

    True June 2020

    There are many types of sensors being used on vehicles today to measure a variety of parameters.  This class will show you operating principles, how they work, and how to troubleshoot problems with them.

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  • Voltage Drop Testing Techniques

    True May 2020

    Performing circuit tests on unloaded circuits can often lead to a misdiagnosis. This class will help you to understand voltage drop testing to diagnose component and wiring faults.

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  • Late Model Hybrid Systems

    True April 2020

    Hybrid vehicles have been around for a number of years, but these vehicles still bring a lot of mystery to technicians.  This class will teach you the basic operation of a hybrid vehicle.  Real world case studies will be used show how to diagnose various hybrid faults.

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  • TPMS Diagnostics and Learning

    True March 2020

    Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems have been installed on vehicles for sale in the US for decades. There are several different types of sensors and different TPMS systems require different and specific service and relearn procedures. How can you tell the difference between a system fault and a low tire? In this class we will examine the different systems available on current vehicles and show you important service tips and procedures.

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