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  • Variable Valve Timing

    True February 2020

    Variable valve timing (VVT) is now a standard feature on most modern engines. Diagnosing these systems require a fundamental understanding in its operation. This class will demonstrate how Variable Valve Timing operates. Case studies will be used showing real-world failures and diagnostics.

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  • Getting the Most Out of Your DVOM

    True January 2020

    The Digital Voltage/Ohm Meter (DVOM) is a fundamental tool required for basic electrical diagnostics.  However, many advanced diagnostic scenarios can be handled using a DVOM if its many features are utilized. This class will teach how to get the most out of your DVOM.

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  • Brain Teasers: Diagnostic Puzzles from the Field Part VI

    True December 2019

    How long has it been since you had “the car” that has been to several shops but is not fixed? Join us as we follow several diagnostic techs as they tackle several of these cars. You will have an opportunity to diagnose them to see if you can arrive at the correct conclusion.

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  • Electronics Fundamentals: Reading Schematics

    True November 2019

    Modern vehicles use many electronic controls. Diagnosing faults can be more difficult for technicians who have not had the benefit of training in electronics. This can lead to the replacement of unneeded parts, angry customers, and frustrated technicians. The goal of this training series is to prepare technicians to diagnose and repair vehicle electronic systems successfully. Each training segment will reinforce the concepts taught with exercises and a case study.

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  • Turbocharger Diagnosis and Service

    True October 2019

    Turbochargers are used in all light truck diesels have become common in small displacement engines. These systems change the diagnosis of fuel trim and engine breathing. Technician must understand turbocharger components and operation for proper diagnosis of engine performance complaints.

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