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Standard® supports all key engine components and systems with a full line of accessories and electronic relay solutions, including blower motor resistors, daytime running light kits, and TechSmart HID headlight ballasts.

Blower Motor Resistors

The blower motor resistor controls the electrical current flowing from the fan switch to the blower fan, which allows motorists to set the fan at different speeds.

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High-Temp Headlight Harnesses

The headlight wiring harness supplies consistent power from a vehicle’s battery to its lighting system.

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Blower Motor Harnesses

Our Blower Motor Resistor Connectors are designed to reduce amperage draw and harness melting that occurs to factory harnesses. 

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HID Headlight Ballasts

Despite their superiority to halogen headlights, HID Headlights can still fail, typically from overheating, moisture intrusion, damage from a frontal collision, or burning out from repeated duty cycles. If one of those scenarios occurs, it can cause the system to become inoperative, creating reduced visibility and safety concerns for drivers and motorists.

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