Competitive Analysis

Standard's Electronic Throttle Bodies undergo extensive in-house testing at SMP’s engineering department in Long Island City, NY. There, our engineers look at flow tests and make sure each unit meets our high performance standards. The result is a high-quality replacement with coverage for an array of domestic and import vehicles.

(Image: Standard S20006)

See how Standard's S20006 stacks up to competition

Our ETBs Are the Result of Superior Design, and the Testing Proves It

Our ETBs Are the Result of Superior Design, and the Testing Proves It

Standard® Vs. the Competition: 45-Day Endurance Test

Our engineers performed an extensive 45-day endurance test of our Standard® S20006 and the Electronic Throttle Body of a competitor.

The engineers measured the durability of the units, the motor torque required to open and close the throttle plates, as well as a complete physical comparison of both units. The test results speak for themselves.

With Standard's superior quality and durability, our Electronic Throttle Body stands up to the underhood conditions and strenuous demands of today’s engines.

Standard® S20006

The S20006 was tested for a full 45 days and was fully intact at completion with good operational characteristics.

The end result is a reliable and premium quality Electronic Throttle Body that meets or exceeds the OE alternative.

Source: SMP LIC Testing Lab, 2020

Standard<sup>®</sup> S20006

The Competition

After 10 days of testing, the compound gear cracked in the middle.

While this failure was predicted, there are other design flaws that this failure masks

Source: SMP LIC Testing Lab, 2020

The Competition

Standard® Gears Outperform Original for Durability

Let’s take a closer look at how Standard® engineered design improvements for our premium S20176 replacement ETB for the failure-prone Jeep / Chrysler applications — outperforming the original for durability and service life.

Electronic Throttle Body (ETB) chart comparing Standard ETB S20176 to Original Equipment for gear durablity

Standard® Premium Quality vs the Competition

Further proof Standard® makes a superior quality Electronic Throttle Body. We pay attention to our components, engineering and manufacturing.


Low-cost suppliers Premium-quality supplier
Unreliable reman options available 100% NEW, never reman
Low-quality components Upgrades to failure-prone components
Most do not include gaskets Provided as kits with required gaskets
Release part numbers that are not failure prone Coverage for popular and failure-prone applications

Source: SMP LIC Testing Lab, 2020