GDI Injection

Standard® is Your Full-Line Supplier

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Everything needed for a complete repair

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is the fastest growing fuel segment with more than half the U.S. Fleet equipped with GDI engines. As the aftermarket’s fuel injection and fuel system leader, Standard® offers the most complete new, not reman, GDI program – GDI Fuel Injectors, GDI High-Pressure Fuel Pumps, GDI Fuel Feed Lines, GDI O-Rings, Gaskets, Seal Kits, GDI Service Kits, Camshaft Followers and more!

GDI Fuel Injectors: A Closer Look

Let's take a closer look at Standard's FJ217 (Chevy/GMC Truck, 2019-14) to learn why this a premium GDI fuel injector.

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    Stainless steel calibration slide and spring assembly prevents corrosion within fuel control body leading to extended service life

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    High-temp Viton® O-rings enable prolonged sealing of injector under extreme heat conditions

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    Precision wound and trimmed solenoid windings allow computer to command efficient fuel delivery

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    Included retaining clip keeps the injector in position while protecting against vibration

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    Additional O-rings and umbrella seals are included to ensure a trouble-free install

This is what a complete, top quality GDI program looks like.

GDI Fuel Injectors
130+ SKUs / 70M Vio

GDI High-Pressure
Fuel Pumps

70+ SKUs / 72M VIO

Fuel Pressure Sensors
90+ SKUs / 85M VIO

GDI High- & Low-Pressure Fuel Feed Lines
70+ SKUs / 60M VIO

GDI O-rings, Gaskets,
and Plates

10+ SKUs / 16M VIO

GDI Injector Seal and Service Kits
20+ SKUs / 70M VIO

Standard® Delivers

Optimal fuel injection performance takes quality components, expert manufacturing and extensive testing. And that’s precisely what Standard® delivers.

  • More than 1,000 New fuel injectors
  • Engineered and manufactured in our IATF 16949-certified facility in Greenville, SC
  • Advanced flow-matched to each specific application for balanced fuel delivery
  • All Standard® injectors are 100% tested – more than 35 different tests and inspections

Standard® gas injectors are New, not remanufactured. Here’s why.

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Take GDI injectors for example. Most GDIs can’t be remanufactured because they cannot be disassembled to replace worn and failed components. Yet several aftermarket companies offer GDI reman programs – The problem is, the injector isn’t rebuilt, it’s only cleaned and the internal components are more likely to fail sooner. That’s why we only offer pristine, NEW gas injectors that will deliver optimal performance and longevity.

View our video playlist for GDI repair and installation tips