VVT Solenoids

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid from Standard Motor Products

Variable valve timing (VVT) solenoids can fail due to low engine oil levels and/or irregularly changed engine oil or filters. Standard® VVT Solenoids, a high-quality replacement, feature hard anodized components to ensure proper performance and long service life.

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Solutions for High-Failure Applications

Every variable valve timing system is slightly different. But following these three general rules will ensure proper performance.

  1. Regularly service the engine oil and filter
  2. Use the manufacturer’s required engine oil type
  3. Service the engine oil and filter after you install new solenoids or sprockets


The GM 2.4L and Toyota 3.0L and 3.3L are known to have high failure rates for VVT solenoids. Standard® has these applications covered.

VVT Solenoid and Service Kits

VVT Solenoid Kits

Blue Streak® VVT Solenoids feature improvements over the original, including hard anodized steel componentry, welded filters and welded screen reinforcement. It’s this attention to detail that ensures precision operation, correct on-vehicle performance and a longer service life.

Blue Streak® VVT Solenoid Kits include two new premium Solenoids with quality O-rings and gaskets to help prevent oil leaks.

VVT Solenoid and Service Kits

VVT Service Kits

Blue Streak® has put together the highest quality Complete VVT Service Kit for high-OE-failure replacement opportunities. We also offer the highest quality, best-performing VVT Solenoid Kits in the industry.

Variable Valve Timing Solenoid (VVT420K) from Blue Streak

Blue Streak® VVT420K - Everything needed for a complete job – solenoids, sprockets, timing chain, guide, tensioner, arm, seals, crankshaft wheel, and gaskets. 

  1. VVT Sprocket (VVT500)  6. Drive Gear Sprocket
  2. VVT Solenoids (VVT101)  7. Crankshaft Position Wheel
  3. Timing Chain Tensioner  8. Crankshaft Seal
  4. Timing Chains  9. Gaskets
  5. Timing Chain Guide and Tensioner Arm  

For a complete job done right

The failure of VVT components can lead to rough idle, stalling, poor performance, damage and failure of other parts in the system. If one VVT solenoid or sprocket fails, it’s likely the others are nearing the end of their service life, too. Not only do we recommend replacing both solenoids and sprockets at the same time, we recommend replacing all related timing chain components in the VVT system with high-quality Blue Streak® VVT components for a complete job and to reduce comebacks.

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Rattling Noises and Unstable Idle on GM 2.4L

Years: 2017-2006
Make: GM
Engine: 2.4L
Common DTCs: P0011, P0014, P0016 and P0017
Symptoms: Rattling noise at startup, unstable idle
Solution: Change the engine oil and filter during maintenance intervals and following solenoid replacement
Parts for the job: VVT2000K

Rattling Noises and Unstable Idle on GM 2.4L

Rough Idle on Toyota 3.0L and 3.3L

Years: 2008-2000
Make: Toyota
Engines: 3.0L and 3.3L
Common DTC: P1354
Symptoms: Rough idle
Solution: Maintain regular engine oil change intervals. When replacing the solenoids, replace the engine oil and filter.
Parts for the job: VVT2001K

Rough Idle on Toyota 3.0L and 3.3L