VVT Sprockets

Variable Valve Timing Sprockets

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Sprocket from Standard Motor Products

Variable valve timing (VVT) sprockets (a.k.a. cam phasers) help maximize engine horsepower and torque curves while reducing emissions and improving vehicle efficiency.

Standard® has designed numerous improvements into our most popular VVT Sprocket for enhanced performance and long-lasting durability. To ensure proper performance, Standard® and Blue Streak® VVT Sprockets are direct-fit OE replacements. They meet tight dimensional tolerances to improve internal sealing, minimize oil drain back and reduce frequency of PCM correction.

Ford/Lincoln Cars & Trucks

Hyundai/Kia Cars & SUVs

Acura/Honda Cars & SUVs

GM Cars & SUVs 1.6L/1.8L

GM Cars & SUVs 1.6L/1.8L

Toyota Cars & SUVs 2.5L

The Standard® Advantage

  • Larger contact area – no friction between sprocket and rotor
  • Design improvements virtually eliminate component wear – less oil loss
  • Advanced coil spring and locking pin
  • Better performance in timing phase response
  • Overall a better performing and longer-lasting VVT Sprocket

Standard®-manufactured VVT Sprockets undergo extensive measurement and life testing, plus a full spectrum of environmental analysis. This regimen includes thermal shock, thermal cycling, salt spray, vibration, storage tests, dirty oil test and more.

A Closer Look: Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoids and Sprockets

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Blue Streak® VVT sprocket integrated paddle design improves the original.

Our all-metal, integrated machined design eliminates paddle inserts while providing a larger contact area. This means improved overall wear as well as proper lubrication and gap. Less friction means our sprocket responds fast at lower pressure, delivering optimal performance.

Blue Streak Sprocket compared to original equipment and competitor

View our Blue Streak VVT Sprocket Comparison Analysis Flyer

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-1png

    Better performance in timing-phase response, oil loss and working life of locking pin and overall component

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-2png

    Better match and correct tolerance

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-3png

    No friction between sprocket and rotor

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-4png

    New re-designed coil spring

  • vvt-sprocket-slide-5png

    OE-style installation bolts included with sprocket for ease of installation

Blue Streak® VVT solenoid features an improved screen stamp plus welded reinforcement.


Blue Streak® Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid compared to OE and competitor
  • vvt-solenoid-slide-1png

    High-quality precision spring

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-2png

    Stainless-steel check valve

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-3png

    Copper winding

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-4png

    Overmolding provides additional protection

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-5png

    High-temp plastic

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-6png

    Coated terminals

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-7png

    OE-match harness connector

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-8png

    Anti-rust coating

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-9png

    Screen filters reinforced via welding process

  • vvt-solenoid-slide-10png

    OE-match valve housing