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Ford 5.4L Cam Phaser and VVT Control Solenoid Replacement

Replacing the VVT sprocket on a Ford 5.4L engine is an in-depth job. To help you replace it correctly, here are a few repair tips from our Installation Spotlight video.

  • Use a pick tool to make a scribe on the timing chain. The scribe will show you where to put the chain with the new sprocket to avoid retiming the engine.
  • Remove the entire camshaft. Otherwise, it will be difficult to align the sprocket’s dowel pin. If the pin isn’t aligned perfectly, it will be sheared off, causing damage to the camshaft.
  • Tighten the sprocket bolt to 40Nm, then tighten an additional 90 degrees.
  • Torque the camshaft caps to 10Nm, working your way from the center to the outside

If you’re replacing the sprocket, our Master Technicians recommend replacing the solenoid, too. Here are a few repair tips to keep in mind during the replacement:

  • Make sure the solenoid screens are clean. Buildup of engine oil sludge is a leading cause of solenoid failure
  • Tighten the solenoid hold-down bolt to 5Nm.
  • Perform an oil change following the repair.

How to Replace the VVT Components on a GM 2.4L Engine

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